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Lamb’s Connection is our Sunday School for the children between the ages of 4 through 11. Each Child is given a chance to experience a one on one connection to God’s word. Focusing on letting the children connect and share the Love of Jesus. They will experience what worship is about and why it is so meaningful. A chance to walk with Jesus through the Bible Stories that He had told long ago and how they can apply them to today’s world. Crafts are also performed to teach the Children that – whatever we do, we do to the glory of God.

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Ladies Aid Society

Holy Cross Ladies Aid Society originated in 1886. This society has been a continue source of fellowship and support to Holy Cross Lutheran’s mission field. The ladies meet quarterly to discuss the needs of the church and how to continue to support the missions of the church. Within our Ladies Aid Society, there are two committees which serve Holy Cross, Altar Guild and Sewing Circle. The Altar Guild serves as the added touch of the church visuals for the Worship service such as caring for the Altar paraments, cleaning the Communion ware, purchasing flowers, garment care, etc. The Sewing Circle women meet one day a week. They use their talents through threading God’s Love in their sewing and quilting. Other talents are also performed from those that don’t sew, such as, crafts. Coffee, lunch, and ideas are also shared in great fellowship.

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Holy Cross Seniors meet in Christian fellowship on the fourth Wednesday of every month, from Noon to 2:00 pm. (Check calendar for any changes). Seniors share and discuss any community awareness, have a light lunch and play games or watch a video, on occasion even go on field trips. Shared fellowship and kindness has given them a monthly boost in their longevity. Accepting youngsters as old as 50 and beyond. Come join the fun and share their experiences.

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This ministry is very special because it calls upon special people to serve in a variety of capacities where they can use their ability to be patient, caring, loving while providing a vital service to the church. The needs of the church may be in lawncare, special projects, painting, decorating for holidays , etc..