Using the LCMS Logo Cross
Introduced in 1984, the cross logo is a registered trademark of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Its use is restricted to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and its departments, boards and commissions; member congregations and
schools (including pastors, teachers and other rostered staff); and auxiliaries of the Synod (International Lutheran Laymen's League and International Lutheran Women's Missionary League). As a registered mark, it must be used in exactly the same proportions as shown on this page.
The official color for the logo cross is PMS 228 (burgundy). The color gradients in the arms of the cross are obtained by applying a 70 percent and 50 percent screen, respectively. When used as part of the logo, the official colors for the words
"The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod" are PMS 228 and PMS 410 (as shown in the logos below).
Other appropriate colors for the logo (cross by itself or cross/lettering combination) are black, grayscale or reverse (white in a solid color background). In certain cases, such as when working with wood, plastic or metal, or when designing, say, a decal featuring a Lutheran school’s colors, exceptions may be made as to color use. Any such exception, however, must be cleared by the Board for Communication Services.